Secondhand Music

Ava was a young violinist poised at the cusp of stardom when an accident claimed her left arm. When insurance denies her an AI-powered prosthetic, she’s sure she has to leave her dream behind—until a mysterious benefactor named Mrs. DuVerne offers to donate a similar model to her. There’s just one catch: the prosthetic had been previously used by Mrs. DuVerne’s late wife, a violin prodigy in her own right. Is this a chance for Ava to find music in her life again—or is the offer too good to be true?

“Secondhand Music” was published in Analog Magazine in September/October 2023. You can buy the issue here and read an interview with me at Analog’s digital companion here.

Galaxy Girl and the November Monstrosity

Jessie is coming home for Thanksgiving and she’s dreading it. Her mother has always made clear that it’s her sister, Angela, who is the favourite daughter. It doesn’t even matter that Jessie ended up in a freak space-time vortex brought on by her crush’s senior art project that gave her superhero powers and made her into Galaxy Girl: nothing she does can measure up. 

“Galaxy Girl and the November Monstrosity” was published in Uncharted Magazine in January 2023 and selected for Tor.Com’s “Must Read Short Speculative Fiction” list for January 2023. You can read the story here.

Words of Advice at the End of the World

Constance Sienkiewicz writes an advice column for an online magazine. But how can you possibly help people when the world is ending? 

“Words of Advice at the End of the World” appears in Volume 1 of BSFA’s second Fission anthology. Learn more here. It is currently available for free for BSFA members and available on Amazon for purchase in paperback form for everyone else.

It is also temporarily available to read on this website, at this link, in time for award nomination season! If you like this story, please consider putting it on your Nebula, Hugo, Ignyte, BSFA, or other ballot. 🙂 

This story received an honourable mention in the CRAFT 2021 Short Fiction Prize and was shortlisted for the 2021 Uncharted Magazine Summer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Story Award judged by Ken Liu.

A Life Measured in Moons

A young woman. Her little brother. The choices she must make to protect him, and the consequences that follow. 

“A Life Measured in Moons” won the Grand Prize in the 2019 Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards. You can read the short story, as well as an interview with the author, online and in the May/June 2020 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Cover artwork created by the brilliant Milad Aramnia. You can find more of his work and contact information at https://www.miladaramnia.com/

The Bakery: Prelude to a Fairy Tale

The 2019 JordanCon Anthology

In the days since her mother’s funeral, Elle is struggling to keep it together. She’s just learned that the family bakery is in debt, and the dough from its signature bread has stopped rising. Elle tries to find her mother’s original recipe, hoping for a solution — and discovers a terrible family secret instead.

“The Bakery: Prelude to a Fairy Tale” was published for a limited run in the 2019 JordanCon anthology, alongside stories from speculative fiction powerhouses like Seanan McGuire and Brandon Sanderson. 

Read more about the Anthology here.

Read an author interview at Dragonmount here.


The Atlas Six

TL,DR: The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake is a fast-paced, high-tension magical mystery perfect for those who dream of having the knowledge of the world at their fingertips. The first in a series, it sets up a large, twisted world that will keep the reader guessing throughout. Especially recommended for fans of dark academia (such as The Secret History, Ace of Spades, or The Magicians) and authors like V. E. Schwab and Leigh Bardugo.

The Starless Crown

TL;DR: The Starless Crown by James Rollins weaves together multiple storylines into a tapestry about family in all its forms, nature, and surviving foretold doom. The book's strength lies in its interest in humans' relationship with nature and is a good match for anyone looking for plot-heavy science fantasy.


TL,DR: Mordew by Alex Pheby is a grim, subversive fantasy about a young boy, Nathan, who lives in the slums of the eponymous city and bears a magical Spark. It's a solid read for those who aren't looking for a lighthearted escape, who are comfortable with stories that don't give all the answers and are told at an emotional distance.

A Marvellous Light

TL; DR: A Marvellous Light is a delightful Edwardian fantasy and the first in a series. Centered around a murder and a mysterious curse and heavily interspersed with both humour and steamy scenes, it’s perfect for fans of Sorcerer to the Crown, Magic for Liars, and Silver in the Wood.

She Who Became the Sun

TL,DR: She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan is a glorious first book in an epic historical fantasy duology. Set in 14th-century China, it brings to mind Mulan crossed with A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s perfect for fans of political intrigue, war, and a main character who strives for glory—whatever it takes.